Sex dolls brothel business is blooming in Helsinki

In Helsinki, the sex doll’s brothel, was recently opened. The Estonian leaders of the agency allow the next sex doll’s house to be opened in Estonia in Tallinn. This place has gain a lot of attention among the local people in Kannelmäki.

“One client told us yesterday that a couple of people were filming him on the street with telephone cameras when he came to the side of the house and stepped into the door,” says Sergei. “I told them the fact that I’m now going to have sex with the sex dolls and that I don’t give a shit what they think about me. I’m having sex with someone or whatever I want, as long as it stays within the law.”

Antti, who works at the establishment, told that the brothel is very popular among locals. An especially big star is a sex doll named Candy, who has become a true favourite of men. But unfortunately, the doll has been in a high exploiting so it has suffered very serious damage.

“Candy is scratched, her shoulder is also beaten in a crazy way. Let’s say that her cavities have suffered quite a lot. I do not know, maybe some clients have very crazy fetishes,” said Antti.

But the brothel is fair, the bad guys are getting their customers happy for half the price. “She’s so popular, we do not want to take her away from her customers,” Antti added.

Visiting the Unique Dolls house is quite expensive, with an hourly payout of 100 euros. According to The Sun, only four people will be allowed at the brothel at a time, otherwise the noise may be disturbing the local people. website has sex dolls online, where you can buy your own sex doll. At the moment there are a lot of artificial prides with a good discount. The cheapest one you can order from home for just $459, which is more or less half of the new Apple iPhone price.