Sexdoll – best way of having sex during corona without getting infection

The idea of having a sex during corona quarantine is not recommended at the moment. Although coronavirus has not indicate sexual transmission, it primarily spreads through respiratory droplets. There are also evidences of oral-fecal transmission of the Covid-19. That implies analingus represents a risk for infection.

Having a new sexual partners at the moment is strongly not recommended, because the risk is you could pass on the corona virus. It is important to remember that some people who carrie the virus don’t have any symptoms. So even if you feel absolutely fine, you could still pass on the infection to someone. And they could pass it on to other people via close contact and kissing.

Although sexual intercourse has been decreased during the isolation weeks, other forms of eroticism have come on agenda. Such as sexting, video-calls, reading erotica and masturbation have been the only options so far. But it does’t have to continue this way. 

You don’t have to be your safest sex partner anymore. Sex doll is perfect solution for still continuing your sex life during quarantine.

Some benefits of having sex during corona quarantine with sex doll

  • You can still have sex without condoms. Condoms are becoming unavailable goods.
  • You can kiss the doll without getting infected by the virus. However, kissing is a very common practice during sexual intercourse, the virus can be transmitted via saliva.
  • You can have sex during corona quarantine and after that anytime you want and need.
  • You don’t have to feel quilty after having sex with stranger.

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