Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Silicone Sex Doll

1. First and the most important reason to buy a silicone sex doll – she doesn’t talk. 

2. You don’t have to feed her, nor taking out to dinner or spending money on getting her drunk. 

3. She never has a headache and if she does who cares it’s a doll! 

4. No mother in law. 

5. You can’t get it pregnant, therefore no child support issues. 

6. She won’t fuck your best friend. 

7. She doesn’t get old or fat. 

8. If she does get old and start to fall apart you can just toss her in a dumpster and not get arrested for it! Tossing a real woman in a dumpster will get you arrested! 

9. You can’t kill it by accident. 

10. Last reason for buying a silicone sex doll – if you get tired of it you can get a new one, and she won’t tell everyone that you suck in bed.